If you are interested in studying law, Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University in Scotland provides a number of degree and masters Law courses.

A degree in law is a passport to a professional career as a practising solicitor, as well as legal work in the civil service, the financial sector, consultancy, large corporates, smaller companies, social enterprises and elsewhere. The Guardian has ranked our Law School within the Top 10 Law Schools in the UK (2017).

Why Study Law Here?

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Practical skills in new modules such as advocacy, letter writing and contract drafting are complemented by non-law modules to provide a broader range of study.

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We bring the legal world alive using innovative facilities such as Moot Court - a TV studio fitted with courtroom furniture & recording equipment, enabling us to turn moots into documents that we can then use as teaching aids.

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Our law degrees offer a balance of the practical and the academic - backed up by professional accreditation and the benefit of our national and international connections. 

“I would recommend the online distance learning courses to anyone who wishes to upgrade their skills or make a career change.”

Colm Imbert - Deputy Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Oil and Gas Law PgCert/PgDip/LLM


Build a successful career in law with a degree from Robert Gordon University.



Solicitors can practice in a number of areas of law



An advocate specialises in the presentation of a case in court and advises clients on every aspect of litigation

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Other Options

If you do not want to work as a solicitor, there are a number of career paths that are open to you with a law degree.

News & Events

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    There are many reasons why you might choose to enter into an online distance learning course. Maybe you are looking to enhance your skills set in order to progress in your chosen career or you might be a recent graduate that wants to take the next step in your education – boosting your position in a competitive market at interview stage.  

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    The Law School provides a range of accredited and professionally recognised law degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level.