Laboratory, Biomedical & Sports Sciences: Part-time

If you are unable to commit to full time study a part time course is an ideal way to improve your career prospects and learn new skills.

  1. MSc Clinical Pharmacy Practice

    Our Clinical Pharmacy Practice course will provide the opportunity for pharmacists to develop professional competence as clinical practitioners involved in making decisions about drug therapy for individual patients.

  2. MSc Instrumental Analytical Science - DNA Analysis, Proteomics & Metabolomics

    This course is designed for scientists who wish to develop skills relevant to job roles such as genetic testing, medical diagnostics and biomedical research. Graduate career opportunities exist in laboratories, clinical laboratories, forensic laboratories and biotechnology companies.

  3. MSc Instrumental Analytical Science - Drug Analysis and Toxicology

    A course designed for scientists who wish to develop skills that apply to a range of careers including drug screening, pharmaceutical analysis and drug analysis. Analysis-based career opportunities are strong, with nearly 100% of our graduates who are seeking employment able to obtain posts within three months.

  4. MSc Instrumental Analytical Science - Environmental Analysis

    A course designed for scientists who wish to develop skills in environmental analysis. The availability of posts for graduates is very favourable, with job roles ranging from regulation within local authorities and environmental monitoring through to heavy industry.

  5. MSc Instrumental Analytical Science - Food Analysis, Authenticity & Safety

    The food and drink industry is the EU's biggest manufacturing sector in terms of jobs and value added. This course will allow you to apply your skills to everyday analytical challenges in the Food and Drink sector

  6. MSc Instrumental Analytical Science - Oilfield Chemicals

    A course designed for scientists who wish to develop skills for a career in the gas and oil industry. The course benefits from industrial ties in the city of Aberdeen, a well-connected oil capital of Europe. Career opportunities within oil-based industries remain high with ever increasing oil demand, new field discoveries and renewed sector investment.

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  1. 23, April, 2018 Hermeneutic Phenomenology Course & Symposium

    Health and Social Care Building

    Join us for the 2018 five day methodology and symposium in hermeneutic phenomenology