Lee Windrum talks about his time at Robert Gordon University and the friends he has made.

"Fantastic! It's been a long haul for myself and everyone else in the room and we've all eventually got through it together and graduated. And the ceremony itself was excellent as well. We had very good guest speakers and it was good to listen to their points. Very interesting people in the world today and it was good to take pointers from them.

"I think when you come to do a degree it's not just about becoming an academic, everyone who's here is an intelligent person. It's more about your development as a person. And I feel coming here has turned me into what I would call a young professional.

"I hope to hopefully own my own physiotherapy private practice. Right now I am working privately 2 nights a week. Recently been offered a job in England I've come to Aberdeen didn't know one person, went away knowing hundreds. Made some very, very good friends, people I'll stay in contact with my whole life especially the ones from my class.

"Yeah made some very good friends and I've really enjoyed living in Aberdeen."


Physiotherapy - Lee Windrum

Lee Windrum talks about his experience studying Physiotherapy at Robert Gordon University.