Alison Keepax - DipHE Adult Nursing


Opening shots of a lecture theatre, followed by a panorama view of Aberdeen.  Close-up of Alison Keepax in front of an internal hospital ward window, interspersed with views of nursing students busy with nursing duties in the ward.  Closing shot of the Clinical School.
55 seconds

 Alison Keepax2

"My name is Alison Keepax and I am a second year Adult Branch Nursing Student.  The Clinical Skill Centre has made quite a difference to me.  I feel that it has built my confidence up and its practice techniques such as injections, blood pressure, and urinalysis definitely helps for when you go out to the wards to be able to practise things like that.

"I think the best thing about being an RGU student is the fantastic ties with different organisations and I've been out on quite a few placements so far that the university has organised for me, and they have all just been brilliant.

"When I graduate, I would really like to take my nursing skills and travel with them.  There are fantastic opportunities abroad for nursing and, ultimately, I would like to be a practice nurse."


Adult Nursing - Alison Keepax

Nursing Testimonial

Adult Nursing graduate Alison Keepax talks about her experience.