The video opens with Gemma walking towards the Children's Hospital. She is then seen in close-up addressing the camera.

Gemma: I'm just off now to see the practice education facilitator to get help with my reflective practice.

She is shown knocking on the practice educator's door who invites her in for a conversation.

Pauline: I'm Pauline. I'm the practice educator based here in the Children's Hospital.
Gemma: What is your role? What is your main sort of role?
Pauline: My main role is to help facilitate your learning and to help support you while you're in this kind of area to make sure that you get the experience and the support from your mentors and any other members of staff while you're in practice.
Gemma: I would like some help with my reflective practice, please. Now, I'm in my third year and would really like to get it right and I was wondering if you could give any advice on how to help me with that?
Pauline: Probably one thing that you may find useful is that we do reflective sessions just for student nurses who come along and they learn together in a small group - so it is a mixture first, second and third year students. They basically bounce ideas off each other. We've got one next Tuesday if you'd like to come along to that.
Gemma: Oky doke. And it is an hour session, did you say?
Pauline: It can last for an hour, yes.
Gemma: About an hour. Thank you very much. That was really helpful.

Gemma is shown visiting a young patient to take her temperature.

Gemma: Can I just take your temperature?
Child: yes.
Gemma: It's just a wee clicking on your ear again. Perfect. Ok. Thank you very much. Is there anything you need just now?
Child: No.
Gemma: Ok?

Gemma is next seen playing with a small baby in a children's seat.

The following scene shows Gemma being welcomed in the High Dependency Unit, and being shown around the unit by Nicole and Gemma's new mentor, Colin.

Nicole: Hi Gemma. Welcome to the High Dependency Unit. My name is Nicole Bowens. I'm the ward manager in the unit here, and this is Colin. He is going to be your mentor whilst you're here in HDU.
This is the [four bedded] area and mainly in here it would be post-op surgical patients like Jake over here that would come in here. We just have one patient at the moment, so it looks quite quiet, but I'll take you through and show you one of the intensive care units and show you the ventilator and things through there.
So, obviously, if there's anything in the meantime between now and you starting the placement, please give myself or Colin a phone and we'll hopefully be able to answer any questions.
Gemma: Excellent. Thank you very much.


On placement at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital - Gemma McMaster

Video clip of student Children's Nurse, Gemma McMaster.