Amy Noble is interviewed on a busy Aberdeen street following her graduation ceremony.

"I was here originally as an undergraduate student full time and then started doing the Masters as a part-time distance-learning student while I was working at the same time as well - so it was really, really good.

"The support from the academic staff is fantastic and the facilities on site are fab as well.
It was quite good because I met a few of the girls online and we've managed to meet up since then - but when I was under-graduate here, it was really good - really fab; really good city to study in.

"It was quite good coming out again, and getting a career in nursing. There were a lot of job opportunities when I first graduated and it was relatively easy to get a job. The fact that I graduated from RGU seemed to be quite a good thing. It is quite a well-recognised university, so it was good.

"Hopefully I'll start my PhD next year - so, fingers crossed, everything works out with that and hopefully, maybe a career in teaching in the future - teaching nursing students."


Nursing and Midwifery - Amy Noble

Amy Noble talks about Robert Gordon University after she graduates