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  1. School of Health Sciences

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    A supportive learning environment across the disciplines of occupational therapy, diagnostic radiography, physiotherapy, health promotion, and sports and exercise science.

  2. School of Nursing and Midwifery

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    This is an exciting time for the development of nursing and midwifery. We are currently seeing some radical changes in the delivery of healthcare and, as a result, the level of knowledge and skills required by both nurses and midwives has never been greater.

  3. School of Applied Social Studies

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    The School of Applied Social Studies offers a wide range of professional learning opportunities in social work, social care, community care, child care, criminal justice and related professions.

  4. School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

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    The School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences offers an impressive multidisciplinary portfolio of practical and professional courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  1. Health & Social Care Research

    Institute of Health

    Health & Social Care Research focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, care and welfare of patients.

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