Olivia Cameron talks about graduating in Management.

"Well basically I was just expecting my certificate but it was really good, a really good experience. The ceremony was really good and to see all my friends probably for the last time for a while cos Uni's finished now. I really did enjoy it.

"It was Management that I did, four years, and  to start with, cos I went to Uni when I was 16, it was really scary.  But towards the end you build up your academic  knowledge you know what's expected, report writing etc. I gained academically and made a lot of good friends as well, which was really good. I'm currently job searching just now and looking for graduate jobs that are about personal and professional development.

"Ultimately I would like to be in a managerial position but I know it won't happen straight away. So maybe something where I can work my way up. So I'm prepared to work hard for it.

"I would say the placement that I had through RGU really helped me cos I have a lot of experience and skills from that and if I hadn't had that I'd be in a worse position than I am now so hopefully I'll get something before long."


Video Clip - Olivia Cameron

Olivia talks about graduating in Management from Aberdeen Business School.