Gift Aid provides a great opportunity for you to increase the value of your donation to RGU, and it's very simple to do so

How Gift Aid Works:

  • Robert Gordon University are able to claim Basic Tax Rate (currently 20%) on any donation that is eligible for Gift Aid. For example, a donation given to RGU of £100 would become £125 with Gift Aid.
  • If you pay a higher rate of tax (currently 40%) you are able to make a reclaim on a self-assessment tax return of 20% of the final donation value. For example, on a donation of £100, worth £125 to RGU, a higher rate tax payer can receive a rebate of £25, so the donation will only cost you £75.
  • In order for Gift Aid to be claimed, you have to make a gift aid declaration, which can be done on paper, by email or verbally. Please see the link below if you wish to make your declaration on paper.
  • Gift Aid was introduced in April 2000 and can be backdated five years. The declaration we ask our benefactors to make covers all donations they make to the University until they tell us we should no longer reclaim any tax.
  • Please notify us if you change your name and/or address after you have submitted your declaration.

Gift Aid form

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