The Robert Gordon University is the product of three centuries of generosity. Those whose bequests have shaped our institution over the decades will always be at the heart of our story; past, present and future.

History of RGU Philanthropy

RGU Schoolhill Entrance

18th Century

Burgess of the Guild of the City of Aberdeen and successful merchant, Robert Gordon, wills his entire estate to build a hospital to educate scholars; a legacy that leads to the foundation of Robert Gordon's College and Robert Gordon's Technical College.

19th Century

A carpenter from the Shire by trade, John Gray successfully seeks his fortune in Aberdeen, becomes a Governor of Robert Gordon's College whilst his new School of Art is being built, and leaves a considerable legacy to the school that still bears his name.

20th Century

Aberdeen School of Architecture graduate, Thomas Scott Sutherland donates his house and estate to Robert Gordon's College. The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture opens in 1957.

RGU Foundation