Many have given back by volunteering for RGU, which is a fantastic way to stay connected with the university while significantly enhancing the experience for our students.

Alumni Mentoring

Many of our alumni act as mentors for our students. Using their experience, alumni help to develop our students by providing advice and support. Our new volunteering programme is currently being developed, and over the coming months we will keep you updated with progress.

If you would be interested in volunteering with us, we would be delighted to hear from you and discuss potential opportunities to support. Email Tracy Ewing:

  1. Q&A with a mentor

    Q&A with a mentor - Bob MacDonald

    Bob MacDonald, CEO of Specialist Technical Solutions at Wood Group, volunteers to mentor our students.

Industry Volunteers

Our students benefit from the insight of a wide range of industry professionals who volunteer to support our teaching. Many professionals deliver guest lectures, take part in workshops and run training sessions for our students.

  1. Leadership Week

    Leadership Week Activity 400 300

    MBA students benefit from the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders as part of an annual learning event.

  2. Shaping our students

    Investment Den MBA winners

    Students from a wide variety of programmes at RGU benefit from input from a broad range of industries from oil and gas to investment to fashion and to nursing.

Community Volunteering

Members of our community support the university and our students by volunteering for various projects and initiatives.

  1. Look Again Festival

    Look Again launch

    Our visual art and design festival is made possible with the support from volunteers who help to showcase the best of the region’s talented artists.

  2. Volunteer Patient Programme

    Volunteer Patient Programme

    Volunteers contribute towards the education and training of health and social care students by providing a realistic learning opportunity.