The Graduate in Residence scheme at Gray’s provides support to a recent graduate in the early stages of their career by providing them with a studio space and access to other resources such as workshops and IT facilities while assisting with a range of undergraduate activities.

Graduate in ResidenceThe scheme provides a mutually beneficial working relationship where the graduate is able to continue their learning from the experienced staff and also have access to a dedicated studio space which can be an expensive outgoing for a recently graduated student.

The current students benefit from the experiences of the graduate and the school is able to keep close ties with the most promising talent.

The scheme at Gray’s has proven so successful that a number of the Graduates in Residence have gone on to become staff members, and for others it has provided the launchpad for them to take the next step in their career. 

Each of the five courses at Gray’s runs a Graduate in Residence programme and the Painting programme has recently benefited from the support of a local businessman.

Thanks to the support of Peter Robinson and his wife, who first became involved with the School back in 2013 when his company commissioned two pieces of work by our students, the fine art graduate in residence is a funded role.

This Graduate in Residence programme differs slightly from the others in that it tends to attract graduates who have spent a couple of years working prior to returning to Gray’s. 

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