RGU SPORT boasts modern world class sporting facilities.

RGU Sport ClimberBefore RGU SPORT opened in 2005, the university received over £1.5m in philanthropic support for the project. These donations came from the local business community, Aberdeen City Council, national trusts and foundations, as well as RGU Alumni.

Significant donors included The Stewart Milne Group, Total, The Balmoral Group, The Robertson Trust and The Gannochy Trust.

This generosity allowed the university to invest in modern, high-end equipment and create world class sporting facilities that would benefit students, members of staff and the wider community.

The facilities on offer at RGU SPORT now include a swimming pool, climbing wall, sports hall and three gyms. There is also a professional physiotherapy clinic on site.

Businesses and alumni have continued to support RGU SPORT in a number of ways over the years, from donations towards equipment upgrades to funding our SPORT Scholarship programme, which helps some of our most talented athletes achieve their sporting goals while studying at university.

Thanks to those who continue to give back to the university, RGU SPORT stands out as a leading university-based sporting facility for all of the community to enjoy.

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    RGU Sport

    RGU SPORT boasts modern world class sporting facilities.