The Clinical Skills Centre at RGU is an example of how philanthropic support from the community and our alumni makes a lasting impact, giving our students the very best education at RGU and the competitive edge needed to excel in the workplace.

Clinical Skills CentreThanks to continual donations, the facilities are stocked with up-to-date equipment, high and low-fidelity mannequins, training simulators and students have access to the consumables that are used in practice.

A large portion is also invested in our volunteer patients, adding a vital human aspect and without whom our students would not receive the level of training they do.

The Clinical Skills Centre received a significant boost in recent years, following the generous donation of over £20,000 from an RGU pharmacy alumnus who prefers to remain anonymous.

These funds were used to buy equipment that can be used across all of our health and social care schools; the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Life Sciences, and Applied Social Studies.

The new equipment included an Age Simulation Suit which simulates the loss of certain senses, Arthritis simulation gloves, hoists to move patients safely and updated suture pads.

The Clinical Skills Centre has grown and improved over the years, thanks to the generosity of those who want to give back to the university and make a difference. Combining the Centre’s state-of-the-art facilities with our volunteers gives our students and professionals a realistic and safe environment to practice their clinical skills. 

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  • Clinical Skills Centre

    Clinical Skills Centre

    The Clinical Skills Centre in the Health and Social Care Building is a purpose built, state of the art teaching and training facility.