The Board of Governors has delegated to the Principal the responsibility and authority for the leadership, administration and management of the University. The Principal has established the Strategic Planning and Resources Group (SPARG) to advise, assist and support him in meeting these responsibilities. The Strategic Planning and Resources Group members, collectively and individually, have delegated authority and accountability.

Exterior of Faculty of Health and Social CareThe Strategic Planning and Resources Group recognises the importance of securing the confidence of the Board and other stakeholders in the discharge of its responsibilities.

The Group:

  • Shares collective leadership responsibility for achieving the University's vision, mission and strategic goals
  • Acts collectively and individually in a manner consistent with the University's Mission, Vision and Values and as ambassadors for the University, both internally and externally
  • Develops future strategy options in consultation with the Board and other stakeholders and recommends appropriate courses of action
  • Monitors progress and outcomes of strategy implementation
  • Decides upon policies and procedures to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the University

and, importantly,

  • Leads, motivates and inspires the University community

To discharge their role and functions and lead the University in achieving the University Strategy, SPARG members will:

  • Demonstrate personal and professional integrity, ensuring that their behaviour embodies honesty, loyalty, trust and mutual support. Respect for colleagues will be visible in all transactions within the Group, the University and externally.
  • Share resources and knowledge beneficial to colleagues in their SPARG and functional roles. Communication will demonstrate empathy, attentiveness and a willingness to listen.
  • Challenge constructively and accept challenge in the knowledge that this is offered to help individuals and the Group refine their thinking.
  • Be decisive and maintain focus and direction.
  • Embrace change beneficial to the University, be innovative in their approach and take informed risks.
  • Act collectively and consistently in leading the University towards achievement of its Strategy.


The remit of SPARG is to advise the Principal and Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to strategy, policy development, implementation and review, in particular:

  • development and implementation of strategic and operational plans;
  • resource allocation, budgeting, financial planning and monitoring;
  • organisational structure and review;
  • development and implementation of policy against defined outcomes;
  • monitoring of the performance of Faculties and Departments and the University as a whole against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • common approaches to matters of inter-faculty and inter-departmental responsibility;
  • matters of operational management;
  • keeping under review the University Strategic Planning process and cycle;
  • maintaining oversight of the University's Risk Management Strategy and implementation;
  • providing regular reports to the Board of Governors throughout the session on:
    • implementation of the Strategic Plan;
    • monitoring the University's performance against agreed KPIs; and
    • implementation of the University's Risk Management Strategy.

The Principal chairs meetings of SPARG. There is no formal requirement for a quorum, though the approval of University Policy or Strategy or formal advice to the Standing Committees or Board of Governors in the name of SPARG, will normally be supported through the broad consensus of the Group. The Group meets regularly and generally every three weeks.

In fulfilling its remit SPARG consults with interested parties and seeks the approval of such other University committees, including the Board of Governors, as may be necessary to comply with the terms of its delegated authority.

Meetings of SPARG are serviced by an officer of the University nominated by the Principal. This is currently the Academic Registrar and Secretary to the Board.

This information is contained in Organisational Regulation O1, Schedule 1.9, details of which can be found on the Academic Affairs pages:

The Commercialisation Strategy Steering Group reports to SPARG.

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