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Announcement about e-OAR:

April 2017

Due to unforeseen technical challenges which cannot be resolved quickly the School of Nursing & Midwifery has taken the decision to remove the e-OAR from use with our B Nursing and B Nursing (Hons) students in Stages 1 and 2. The School will revert to a paper based assessment document using the ongoing achievement record (OAR) from this point onwards.  This means all B Nursing and B Nursing (Hons) students will now be using the paper OAR to record their performance in practice.

The e-OAR is currently still in use for students undertaking the Return to Nurse/Midwifery Practice courses and also for North East of Scotland (NESCOL)/Moray College students undertaking Higher National Certificate (HNC) courses.  Please continue using the same support mechanisms if required.

The ECAT group will continue to meet in order to continue developments in relation to electronic clinical assessment tools.


Myprogress can be accessed via the web or using a mobile app.  Students require a username and password from the university in order to access it.  Placement staff get initial access via the student.  Myprogress is made by a company called MyKnowledgeMap.

OAR Documentation and Guides

Access Via Web Browser

You can access Myprogress via a web browser on a desktop PC, Mac or other internet enabled device. Windows Mobile can only access the system via web browsers. Internet access is required.  

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Access Via Mobile App

Access the system via mobile app for Apple or Android devices. Use the same username and password as the web version along with the Service code RGU. The mobile app can sync to download forms from the online system meaning you can work off-line and later sync again to send your completed forms to the system once you are back in a wi-fi hotspot.

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