Staff are involved in research across communication, marketing & media, and information themes and these interests are reflected in the design of our courses.

Areas in which we would wish to encourage PhD applications

Communication and Media

  • Media discourse & representation
  • Gender and social media
  • Media history
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Postmodern Cultural and Media Theory


  • Market orientation (quantitative measurement only)
  • Organisational knowledge and learning
  • Digital Consumer behavior, especially use of search engines
  • Digital Analytics
  • Online privacy
  • Consumer Identity

Information Management

  • Cultural heritage (including digital cultural heritage and local studies)
  • Digital Curation (including research data management; creative and cultural resources and business data)
  • Information seeking behaviour
  • Information and digital literacy
  • Information policy, law and ethics
  • Information for Political Engagement (including social media and political participation)
  • Preservation of intellectual heritage
  • Value and Impact of Public Libraries
  • The development of new information professionals (including CPD and online learning spaces)


  • Event and Festival Consumption
  • Events as a Strategy for Growth for SMEs  

Creative Business

  • International Business of Higher Education
  • Technology Acceptance
  • Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries 
  • Knowledge Exchange - Collaboration between SMEs and Academia
  • New technology and the creative industries

Research Support and Funding received
Staff of the department have gained research funding from a variety of public and corporate sources such as The Arts and Humanities Research Council; Elsevier Science; and TOTAL UK.

Research Contacts

Research Director

Professor Sarah Pederson
Tel: 01224 263913

Information Management Doctoral Enquiries

Dr Elizabeth Tait
Tel: 01224 263916