Doctoral Research in the School of Creative and Cultural Business

We have a vibrant community of around 30 full and part time doctoral students who are studying for doctoral qualifications in: communications, media, marketing, tourism and information management.

Students’ research represents a continuum of interests across our subject areas and we have particular strength in: political communication, fan and celebrity culture, cultural heritage and information behaviour. As part of our wider research development strategy, degree student numbers continue to grow, and we now offer two doctoral degrees:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Information Science (DInfSc)

In addition to the traditional PhD route, RGU offers a DInfSc - the first professional doctorate in Information Science to be established in the UK. The DInfSc is a practitioner-focused doctoral degree. It has been designed for experienced professionals working in an information or knowledge management environment. This programme is an attractive option for those seeking to make an original contribution to professional practice. It prepares you to take the next step in your professional development and lead change and innovation in the LIS sector.

As part of undertaking your Doctoral degree with us, you will be expected to undertake a PGCert in Research Methods and will receive specialist researcher development training. As a result of our continued membership of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science and Scottish Graduate school for Arts and Humanities, research students are entitled to access specialist master classes across Scotland and further opportunities, such as applying for funded internships. As a doctoral student studying in the school of creative and cultural business you will have:

•  A supervisory team to guide and direct study

•  Purpose-built research student facilities, including support for studying part-time at a distance.

•  Research degree co-ordinators to look after student needs

•  Independent assessors to monitor and help keep progress on track

To find out more about our specific research studies and publications visit our staff pages. There you will also find more details on the staff and research students who make up our vibrant research community. 

We are particularly keen to receive applications for doctorates in the following areas:

  • Media discourse & representation
  • Gender and media
  • Media history
  • Postmodern cultural and media theory
  • Publishing
  • Fan and celebrity culture
  • Media effects, audience reception and participation, and moral panics
  • On- and offline bookselling
  • Political communication and information
  • Digital consumer behaviour
  • Export markets
  • Services Marketing
  • Consumer socialisation and demographics
  • Fashion and retail
  • Cultural heritage
  • Digital curation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information-seeking behaviour
  • Information and digital literacy and impact
  • Information policy, law and ethics
  • Value and impact of public libraries
  • The development of new information professionals
  • Events and festival consumption
  • Events management strategy 
  • Events and social interaction
  • Dark tourism
  • Entrepreneurship in the creative industries 
  • Knowledge exchange - Collaboration between SMEs and academia
  • Transport in remote, rural and island areas
  • Transport, cultural identity and place
  • Transport service and operational innovation 

Research Projects

Examples of research projects include:

Research Contacts

Research Director

Professor Sarah Pederson
Tel: 01224 263913

Information Management Doctoral Enquiries

Dr Elizabeth Tait
Tel: 01224 263916