Head of School

  • Stephen Vertigans

    Stephen Vertigans

    Head of the School of Applied Social Studies.  

  • Janine Bolger

    SASS Janine Bolger

    Head of Social Work and Associate Head of School.  

  • Social Work

  • Janine Bolger

    SASS Janine Bolger

    Head of Social Work and Associate Head of School.  

  • Stewart Brodie

    Stewart Brodie

    Lecturer in Social Work and Admissions Tutor BA(Hons) Social Work.  

  • Iain Fisk

    SASS Iain Fisk

    Course Leader for Mental Health Officer Award and Lecturer in Social Work.  

  • Neil Gibson

    SASS Neil Gibson

    Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for BA (Hons) Social Work.  

  • Angela Hart

    SASS Angela Hart

    Lecturer in Social Work  

  • David Humphrey

    SASS David Humphrey

    Lecturer in Social Work.  

  • Joyce Lishman

    Joyce Lishman

    Emeritus Professor  

  • Alastair Logan

    Alastair Logan

    Lecturer in Social Work  

  • Claire Marsden

    SASS Claire Marsden

    Lecturer in Social Work.  

  • Sharon Munro

    SASS Sharon Munro

    Lecturer in Social Work and European Coordinator.  

  • Kirstin Parkes

    SASS Kirstin Parkes

    Lecturer in Social Work.  

  • Mike Shepherd

    SASS Mike Shepherd

    Lecturer in Social Work and Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator  

  • Sheila Slesser

    SASS Sheila Slessor

    Course Leader Practice Learning Qualification and Lecturer  

  • Linda Smith

    Linda Smith

    Lecturer in Social Work  

  • Mike Sutherland

    SASS Mike Sutherland

    Lecturer in Social Work and co-ordinator of practice learning opportunities for social work students.  

  • Clare Swan

    SASS Clare Swan

    Senior lecturer with responsibility for the MSc Social Work and Practice Learning.  

  • Isobel Townsend

    SASS Isobel Townsend

    Lecturer in Social Work.  

  • Iain Turnbull

    SASS Iain Turnbull

    Senior Lecturer and Course Leader BA (Hons) Social Work by Distance Learning.  

  • Nicola Youngson

    SASS Nicola Youngson

    Lecturer BA (Hons) Social Work by Distance Learning  

  • Sociology

  • Sarah Buckler

    Sarah Buckler

    Course Leader Corporate Social Responsibility and Lecturer in Sociology.  

  • Natascha Mueller-Hirth

    Natascha Mueller-Hirth

    Lecturer in Sociology. Research interests include peace and conflict, gender and violence, development, NGOs, Southern and East Africa.  

  • Lucia Ruggerone

    Lucia Ruggerone

    Lecturer in Sociology. Specialist interests in gender and culture.  

  • Chris Yuill

    SASS Chris Yuill

    Lecturer teaching medical sociology and urban sociology. Research interests include health inequalities and urban cultures.  

  • Psychology

    1. Katrina Forbes-McKay

      Image Unavailable

      Lecturer in Psychology and Course Leader on the MSc Applied Psychology.  

    2. Sarah Henderson

      SASS Sarah Henderson

      Course Leader BA (Hons) Applied Social Sciences.  

    3. Francis Quinn

      SASS Francis Quinn

      Lecturer in psychology, whose research interests are primarily in health psychology.  

    4. Gemma Stevens

      Female Silhouette

      Lecturer in Psychology  

    5. Ruth Woods

      Ruth Woods

      Lecturer in Psychology. Specialist interests in children’s social development and public perceptions of climate change and sustainability.