We take an innovative and practical approach, all underpinned by the latest research.

Our approach is based on three integrated elements, which are:

Formal learning which will provide the declarative knowledge (the what and the why) and procedural knowledge (the how).

Experiential learning focused on ‘real’ issues or problems that will help embed the learning (the doing). Research shows there is a positive effect on both retention of knowledge and changed behaviour through “practice by doing” and further benefits if this is placed in the context of the workplace environment.

Reflection/behaviour change we recommended using mentoring/coaching and link the learning to personal development planning and performance appraisal. This will again help embed the learning and support sustained behavior change. 

Research shows that sending people on courses makes them think differently, however, setting them problems to solve makes them act differently. We aim to do both, giving participants the underpinning knowledge, skills and tools, together with real issues and live challenges, so they can become effective.

We also believe that an evaluation and measuring the impact of learning solutions and courses is vital. We ensure that a summative evaluation of the learning is completed at the end of the programme. This could be done through a variety of methods including online questionnaires and interviews.

We are always ready to discuss your ideas and requirements, please contact;

Ken Russell - Associate Dean or Renee Raper - Corporate Development Consultant