The Equality and Diversity Advisory Group exists to:

  • To advise and make recommendations to the Executive on matters relating to the promotion and monitoring of equality and diversity issues throughout the university.
  • To refer, and seek responses from, matters to other relevant committees for consideration.
  • To devise, co-ordinate and monitor steps taken by the University to comply with the Equalities Act 2010 (and any other relevant legislation) together with relevant case law and codes of practice issues under the Acts and Regulations.
  • To develop, monitor and keep under review the university’s Equality and Diversity Policy, Single Equality Scheme and associated Annual Equality Plans.
  • To prepare, on behalf of the university, an annual report on the equality and diversity outcomes achieved by the University in the previous year.
  • To monitor appropriate data from an equalities perspective, for example the composition of the staff and student bodies as well as student satisfaction and achievement data.
  • To establish appropriate structures through which equality and diversity policies and processes may be promoted and mainstreamed across the university.
  • To promote and disseminate examples of good practice.
  • To provide support and guidance mechanisms to enable managers to manage and staff to promote equality and diversity across the university.
  • To consult widely with all relevant groups, particularly minority groups, within the university in pursuance of its terms of reference.
  • To define the overall equality and diversity goals of appropriate areas of university activity and to undertake impact assessments of policy, taking account of relevant legal obligations place on the university.
  • To identify trends and opportunities of significance for the institution.

Equality and Diversity Advisory Group Membership:

Staff Equality and Diversity Champions

  • Disability - Professor Donald Cairns, Head of the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
  • Age - to be appointed
  • Gender - to be appointed
  • Race - Bassam Bjeirmi, Associate Head of the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment
  • Religion and Belief – To be appointed
  • Sexual Orientation – Dr Duncan Cockburn, Director of Planning and Policy Development
  • Edward Pollock, President of Communication and Democracy, Student Association
  • Student equality Champions: 
    • Disability: Gena Jones-Purdie
    • LGBT+: Christopher Cowie
    • Postgraduate: Clive Campos
    • Women’s: Katelyn Hogan 

RGU also has nominated Equality and Diversity Champions who focus on one of the 'protected characteristics'.

Equality and Diversity Champions

The Equality and Diversity Advisory Group (EDAG) has appointed equality champions in the areas of Age; Disability; Gender; Sexual Orientation; Race and Religion and Belief.