The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.

Robert Gordon University has suitably trained personnel to provide First Aid at work.

To contact a first aider visit or dial your location building reception.

Where First Aid is administered, these events should be reported to the Health and Safety Department via the Accident and Incident Reporting pages.

Accident and Incident Reporting

First Aid at Work Policy

This policy is written as an extension of the University's Policy Statement for Health and Safety, endorsed by its Strategic Management and Governors.

Policy Statement

The Robert Gordon University will undertake to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation with regard to provision of first aid to all employees and to ensure best practice by extending the arrangements as far as is reasonably practicable to students and others who may also be affected by our activities or inured on University premises.


This policy will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring there are a sufficient number of trained First Aiders on duty and available for the numbers and risks on the premises.
  • Ensuring there are suitable and sufficient facilities and equipment available to administer first aid.
  • Ensuring the above provisions are transparent and clear to all who may require them.


  • The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety will ensure that the First Aid Policy and Procedures are reviewed from time to time.
  • The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety will ensure that suitable and sufficient assessments are carried out to ascertain first aid needs.
  • Heads of School / Department in liaison with Lead First Aiders will ensure that minimum numbers of First Aiders, identified in the first aid assessment, will be provided.
  • The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety will ensure that First-Aiders, as identified by Schools/Departments, are offered training to a competent standard, which includes refresher training.
  • Heads of School/Department will ensure that arrangements are in place for a suitable budget for training and re-training of First Aiders.
  • The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety in liaison with the Estates Director will ensure that suitable first aid equipment is provided.
  • Heads of School/Department in liaison with Lead First Aiders will ensure the suitable first aid notices are displayed, which detail names of First Aiders and contact information.
  • First Aiders will ensure that all first aid treatments are recorded using the Accident / Incident reporting system.
  • Heads of School/Department will ensure that the policy is followed for first aid arrangements are catered for in examination rooms and other activities such as project work and field trips.
  • The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety will ensure that audits are carried out periodically to ensure the effectiveness of first aid arrangements.


  • Records of the assessments will be held by the Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety.
  • First aid course booking forms will be processed by the Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Department.

First Aid Procedure


The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 set out the essential aspects of first aid that employers have to address. Employers are required to:

  • carry out an assessment of first aid needs appropriate to the circumstances of each workplace.
  • provide adequate numbers of qualified First Aiders throughout the organisation.
  • maintain levels of competence of First Aiders.
  • provide adequate equipment for first aid treatment.
  • provide adequate first aid rooms or other suitable areas for first aid treatment.
  • record first aid treatment.

First Aid Personnel

Lead First Aiders

If they have received suitable first aid training, each Facility Services Supervisor will act as the Lead First Aider for those buildings under their control. If the Facility Services Supervisor has not received appropriate first aid training they will still assist to coordinate first aid provision, in conjunction with the OHS Department, including replenishment of first aid supplies.

First Aider Database

The First Aider database gives contact information for all First Aiders of the University by building.

Training of first aid personnel

All First Aiders must hold a valid certificate of competence - either via a regulated qualification approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Welsh Government or Ofqual or from one of the recognised Voluntary Aid Societies (St. John Ambulance, British Red Cross or St. Andrew's First Aid), before taking up their duties as First Aiders. First aid certificates are only valid for three years. Therefore the Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Manager will ensure that appropriate records are kept regarding training of First Aiders.

In order to assist staff members who are considering volunteering to become first aiders, the following document summarises the training involved.

Summary of First Aid Training (PDF 18KB)

For those members of staff who wish to become a First Aider there are 2 options for training.

  • External – courses are delivered weekly via Aberdeen First Aid School. The course is 3 days long and runs from Monday to Wednesday and costs £250 (+ vat).
  • Internal – courses are delivered as and when demand arises via RGU SPORT. Again, the course is 3 days long, can be run to suit participant's availability and costs £215 (no vat).

Upon completion of the course and passing the assessment, a First Aider is certified for 3 years, after which they will require to complete a 2 day refresher before their current certificate expires in order to remain a first aider. The refresher course can be completed up to 3 months prior to the expiration of your current certificate.

Booking forms for both external and internal training courses can be found below. Note that Schools and Departments are to meet the cost of the training of their first aid volunteers and for any refresher training including the annual refresher training.

A review of the Regulations in 2009 has led to the HSE 'strongly recommending' that first aiders undertake annual refresher training. This training is to enable first aiders to maintain their basic skills and keep up to date with any changes in first aid procedures. RGU SPORT will, in conjunction with the OHES Department, arrange for refresher training to be made available throughout the year. Although voluntary, it is highly recommended that each first aider attend one of the courses. Each course will last approximately 3 hours and there will be a small cost which will be payable by the first aider's School/Department. Details of the refresher courses and booking procedures will be sent to each first aider early each year.

For further details see the booking forms (below) or contact the OHES Adviser on (26)2088.

Internal First Aid Course Booking Form (DOC 380KB)

External First Aid Course Booking Form (DOC 37KB)

Responsibilities of Schools/Departments

It is the responsibility of Heads of School/Department to cooperate with the Lead First Aider/Site Supervisor and the OHES Department to ensure that the optimum number of First Aiders is maintained within each building.

Schools/Departments are responsible for checking first aid boxes that are located in rooms for which have responsibility for e.g. laboratories, workshops, studios, etc. This responsibility covers ensuring that they are located in an easily identifiable location, are readily accessible and that the contents are kept suitably stocked. Ideally, first aid boxes should be assigned to individual first aiders to ensure that they have a readily accessible first aid kit. It is recommended that an inventory of the contents is checked on a regular basis, ideally monthly. To aid this, find below a first aid box check list which is to be completed monthly. Replenishment of supplies should be requested through the Facilities Services Supervisor for the site where the School/Department is based.

Schools/Departments are responsible for any lists of first aiders that are displayed in rooms for which they have a responsibility. It is important to emphasise that these must be kept up to date and up to date lists are available from the OHES Department or from the on-line database.

First Aid Box Check Sheet (DOC 100KB)

Responsibilities of Estates and Property Services

EPS are responsible for first aid boxes that are located in janitor offices, first aid rooms and reception desks. This responsibility covers ensuring that they are located in an easily identifiable location, are readily accessible and that the contents are kept suitably stocked. It is recommended that an inventory of the contents is checked on a regular basis, ideally monthly.

EPS are responsible for the upkeep of first aider lists in open access areas e.g. reception areas, first aid rooms, corridors, etc

EPS are responsible for ensuring that all requests for first aid supplies from Schools and Departments are suitably actioned within 3-5 days of the request.

Responsibilities of the OHES Department

The OHS Department will ensure that the first aider database is kept current and available for use by all interested parties. The OHES Department will ensure that an appropriate assessment is conducted to ascertain first aid needs and that these are reviewed on a regular basis.

Responsibilities of Individual First Aiders

Individuals trained as first aiders are responsible for ensuring that their skills are kept up to date and this should include annual attendance at the annual refresher training conducted by RGU SPORT. They should further ensure that they complete the RGU accident/incident form after their attendance at any incident.

First aiders must inform the OHES Department of any situation where they will not be able to conduct their first aid duties e.g. long term absence, secondment, etc and of any changes in their room, building or contact details in order that the database and corresponding first aid notices can be kept current.

In order to clarify the expectations that the University has of those persons who are recognised as first aiders, the following document highlights these expectations.

First Aider Duties (PDF 35KB)

First aid in examination rooms

Examination Invigilators will be appraised of the University's first aid arrangements for examinations before each examination diet. Normally, invigilators will rely on the first aid provision of the building in which the examination is taking place. Where no such provision exits, Invigilators will have the telephone number of a First Aider contact person and can also contact NHS 24 or the emergency services if necessary.

First-aid containers

As a minimum, each first aid container should include the following, but this can be supplemented depending on the risks identified:

  • a leaflet giving general guidance on first aid;
  • 20 individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings (assorted sizes);
  • two sterile eye pads;
  • four individually wrapped triangular bandages;
  • safety pins;
  • six medium sized individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressings;
  • two large sterile individually wrapped unmedicated wound dressings;
  • one pair of disposable gloves.

The following additional items should be made available:

  • one pair of scissors;
  • adhesive tape;
  • individually wrapped moist wipes;
  • one litre of sterile normal saline (0.9%) in a sealed, disposable container.

The required minimum level of first-aid equipment is a suitably stocked and properly identified first-aid container. Such a container should be provided in an easily accessible location.

Vehicles used for transporting passengers

First aid containers should be provided in all vehicles used for transporting passengers. These should contain the following items:

  • a leaflet giving general guidance on first aid;
  • six individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings;
  • one large sterile unmedicated dressing;
  • two triangular bandages;
  • safety pins;
  • individually wrapped moist cleaning wipes;
  • one pair of disposable gloves.

The contents of first aid containers should be examined on a monthly basis, to check for the correct quantities of items and for expiry dates, and restocked as appropriate. Heads of School / Department should allocate this responsibility to a suitable person. Any new stock required should be ordered via the Lead First Aider for the building.

International Travel

International travel first aid kits are available on loan from OHES in the Central Services Building. In event of medical treatment, it is recommended that these kits be handed to a medical professional where the sterility of local medical disposables cannot be guaranteed.

First aid rooms

The following rooms have been designated as First Aid Rooms:

  • Aberdeen Business School - 306
  • Gray's School of Art - GA21
  • Health and Social Care Building - H418
  • Garthdee House Annexe - SB10
  • The Sir Ian Wood Building - N302

The purpose of first aid rooms is to allow a suitable location for the delivery of first aid treatment. In addition, they may also be used as an area in which expectant or breastfeeding mothers may lie down and rest. All 'Open Access Areas' as defined by the Children and Young Persons on the Premises Policy can be used by mothers who wish to feed their babies, however First Aid rooms can also be used as private facilities for this purpose if not otherwise in use.

Guidance for Breastfeeding (PDF 45KB)

All first aid rooms are equipped to the University's predefined standard and are audited periodically to ensure the room, fixtures, fittings and equipment are suitable and fit for purpose.

Sharing of first aid facilities and First Aiders

It should be noted that, in circumstances where Schools / Departments share premises, first aid rooms, first aid areas and qualified First-Aiders may be shared.

First aid notices

Suitable notices should be displayed near to the entrance of premises, which indicate the names and contact details of First Aiders. These notices will be repeated at strategic locations within buildings.

Schools & Departments may also display notices in other areas where an assessment has deemed it appropriate e.g. school offices, teaching/research laboratories, etc. However, it is important to remember to keep these up to date by cross-referencing to the database on the OHES web pages.


All first aid incidents should be reported on The RGU Accident/Incident Report Form. Normally, the injured party will complete the form but where this is not possible, the First Aider may complete the form on the Injured Party's behalf.