The Centre for Understanding Sustainability in Practice (CUSP) works with organizations and communities at many levels to establish sustainable and resilient societies.

 We work with national governments, local authorities, NGOs, business, academics and indigenous communities. We support and facilitate social and economic transformation by linking energy, food, and water resources to people and their environment through technology development, policy intervention and business case presentation. CUSP's activities span a range of sustainability related fields such as:

  • Food/energy/water nexus and closed loop energy management
  • Appropriate technology for communities and businesses
  • Agricultural products and food processing in remote communities
  • CO2 emissions baseline & management
  • Technology diffusion

Our work is collaborative and participative, working with local and national level stakeholders and partners to conduct research, knowledge exchange and consultancy services across geographic, subject, and professional boundaries. Our work is always grounded within indigenous communities, and we use participative methodologies to generate:

  • Resource feasibility and numerical modelling
  • Appropriate technology design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance
  • Policy advice and regulatory framework for national government
  • Training and development programmes
  • Commissioned research

Our geographical foci are Indonesia, UK and West Africa; our research outputs and substantial field experience underpin our Masters Courses, PhD supervision, outreach and consultancy services. 

We are currently featuring in Energy Voice

CUSP Capability Statement