The Academic Regulations apply to all educational provision offered by the University bearing credit.

Student Forms

  • including Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form, Coursework Extension Form, Academic Appeal Forms, Misconduct Appeal Form, Complaints Forms, and Suspension of Studies Request Form.

Academic Regulations, Session 2015/16

These Academic Regulations will apply from the commencement of Session 2015/16.

Academic Regulations Briefing Note 2015/16 (PDF 35KB)

Introduction and Contents 2015/16 (PDF 162KB)

A1: Courses 2015/16 (PDF 86KB)

A2: Admission 2015/16 (PDF 65KB)

A3 - Section 1: Student Appeals (Awards and Progression) Procedure 2015/16 (PDF 167KB)

A3 - Section 2: Student Misconduct Procedure 2015/16 (PDF 292KB)

Complaints Handling Procedure

A4: Assessment and Recommendations of Assessment Boards 2015/16 (PDF 145KB)

A5: External Examiners 2015/16 (PDF 59KB)

A6: Research Degrees 2015/16 (PDF 256KB)

A7: Higher Doctorate 2015/16 (PDF 49KB)

A8: Honorary Awards 2015/16 (PDF 52KB)

Academic Regulations 2016/17

Academic Regulations Briefing Note 2016/17 (PDF 36KB)
These Academic Regulations will apply from the commencement of Session 2016/17.

Academic Regulations Introduction and Contents 2016/17 (PDF 327KB)

A1 Courses 2016-17 (PDF 243KB)

A2 Admission 2016-17 (PDF 210KB)
A3-1 Academic Appeals 2016-17 (PDF 412KB)
A3-2 Student Misconduct Procedure 2016-17 (PDF 626KB)
A4 Assessment and Assessment Boards 2016-17 (PDF 337KB)
A5 External Examiners 2016-17 (PDF 183KB)
A6: Research Degree - Pending Upload

A7 Higher Doctorates 2016-17 (PDF 175KB)
A8 Honorary Awards 2016-17 (PDF 182KB)

The Academic Regulations are available in different formats on request from