The Faculty Management Group

Overall management responsibility for Aberdeen Business School lies with the Dean of School. The Dean is assisted by three Associate Deans, the Director of the Institute for Management, Governance and Society (IMaGeS) Research Institute and the School Business Manager.

Aberdeen Business School has over 300 staff across five academic subject departments and associated academic support teams. This includes the senior management team, full-time and part-time academic staff including Professors, Teaching and Research Fellows. School academic support includes staff in the Marketing, E-learning, Administration, Technical and Placement Office teams.

Dean of School

  • Rita Marcella

    Rita Marcella

    Professor Rita Marcella is Dean of the Aberdeen Business School. She has led on a wide number of research projects and is a Member of MURG (Modern Universities Research Group).  

  • Associate Dean - Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bob Gammie

    Bob Gammie

    Dr Bob Gammie is Associate Dean with overall responsibility for the Accounting & Finance, Business Management and Marketing departments. Bob also oversees all the undergraduate programmes in the school.  

  • Associate Dean - Postgraduate Programmes

  • Robert Newton

    Robert Newton

    Professor Newton is Associate Dean of Postgraduate Programmes and Professor in Information Management. His research interests include the Potential for Academic Librarians to play a key role in Delivery of Information Skills to distance learners.  

  • Associate Dean - MBA and Corporate Programmes

  • Ken Russell

    Ken Russell

    Professor Russell is the Associate Dean responsible for MBA and Corporate Programmes. His teaching interests lie in the areas of Strategy, Corporate Culture and Managing Change, Innovation, Consultancy and Supply Chain Strategy.  

  • Business Manager

  • Veronica Strachan

    Veronica Strachan

    Veronica Strachan is Business Manager in Aberdeen Business School. Her role is to ensure commercial, financial, marketing and technical support of the School at both operational and strategic levels.  

  • Acting Director of Research

  • David Gray

    Professor David Gray

    David Gray is acting Director of the Research Institute for Management Governance and Society (IMaGeS) and Professor of Transport Policy.